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Hey, I’m Eduard.


Current artists like Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Charlie Puth and Daft Punk

create music that transcends generations. Artists who re-create classic sounds

with modern production (instead of following fast dying trends),

can build a stronger following over time and have more

longevity for use with sync licensing in movies and television.

I specialize in combining classic sounds with modern production techniques.

I’ve produced and mixed music for over 70 Artists from 18 different

countries and helped them accumulate combined millions of plays, even

had productions hit No. 1 spots on Spotify and iTunes.

I can help you create a lasting song that will continue to

build your fanbase and your brand.

If you want me to work on your project (or you’re just

thinking about it), fill out the collaboration form at the bottom

of the page to get the ball rolling!


Here Are Some Recent Tunes I Worked On:

Here's an ``In the Studio`` vid:

How Collaboration With Me Works:


We talk

All great relationships start with a chat. We start the process with a pre-production call via Skype in order to determine your needs and come up with a suitable quote. Payments are done via PayPal, so that everyone is protected.


We plan

Strategize, plan and execute. We make a gameplan, set a timeline on your project and book the work sessions. I designed the process to be efficient and personal by using tools like Skype, Google Apps and PayPal.


I create

I create the first drafts of your project and collaborate with you until it's finished.


I deliver

Finally your project is saved in the cloud, which you can access at any time. I keep you posted at every stage, giving you the confidence that I'll deliver your projects exactly how you want.

People I've Worked With:


Ryan Neal

``The man who breathes life into my music. Definitely one of the most unique producers and mixing engineers around``

Singer, ``Vietnam Idol`` 2015 winner

Trong Hieu

``Talented producer, musician and personal friend of mine. He will go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results! ``

Producer, DJ


``Dude you killed it, kudos to you. Unbelievable you made it on the 4 days notice.``

Avant-garde Audio Plugins

Acustica Audio

``Eduard is a rising star of the current retro-futuristic music scene...``


Over the past few years I noticed there were a lot of problems artists I produced and engineered for were facing. These  problems ranged from general business practices in the music industry to promoting and branding their music. I wrote up resources to help artists beyond our initial collaboration. Since then I’ve been able to help them accumulate millions of plays, by teaching them how to put together proper marketing campaigns that got them placements on playlists and charts. I also started a podcast where I interview industry veterans and my musician friends who share their experiences in the murky waters of the new music business. Check it out below! Also if you want to talk to me about your project (or anything I could help you with) please fill out the project planner at the bottom of the page.

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