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The music business has changed.

Where before it was “write a corny ass ballad and buy a house in malibu” (only for the lucky few of us), now there’s “consistently build up your value, manage yourself like a brand/business and get access to a healthy middle class”. It’s a long game now. The artists that win are the people that outlast their peers; keeping moving and creating self sustaining ecosystems for themselves, becoming specialists in a small niche.

Hits are for the most part a thing of the past. There is essentially no virality anymore, so quit looking for your “lucky break”. It’s all about long term growth. One fan, one stream, one sync, one show at a time. Marathons over Sprints. I’ve written this book to help musicians I work with change their mindsets in regards to the current state of the music business which will ultimately set them up for success (if they’re willing to put in the work).

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